Does Double Eyelid Surgery Damage Your Eyes?

Getting a double eyelid surgery is becoming popular most especially among Asians where 50% of the population has a monolid. A monolid presents a lid with no crease. With no crease, make up becomes invisible even if you have put them on already.

However, there are some things an individual needs to consider before getting the surgery. These things will help you determine whether a double eyelid is beneficial to you or not. So we will go through all the considerations in every step of the way.

Before the surgery, there are some preparations you need to do. One of these is to test the different fold height options that you can have. There are some do it yourself methods you can execute at home.

When you are performing this part of the preparation, there are things you also need to consider concerning the physical aspects of your eyes. The first thing you need to take note of is the height of your eyelid. To be able to decide what fold height you want to have take notice of your eyelid and determine what is acceptable for that.

Second thing you need to consider is the eye length. The fold you choose should be proportionate to your eye length. Furthermore, the most ideal distance your two eyes can have is one eye-width.

Many people also wonder how safe a double eyelid surgery is. As long as the surgeon is a real licensed surgeon, there is nothing to be afraid of. Moreover, the patient should also religiously and regularly see the doctor.

The patient should see to it that she attends follow up check-ups with the doctor. Otherwise, complications might arise. This would lead to further damage and higher cost.

Double eyelid is also costly. So make sure you follow the plan that you and your surgeon agreed to so you do not have to face a backlog issue.

Do You Need Major Surgery To Get Rid Of Acne Scars?

Battling the scars that come with acne is not an easy task. These scars, if not treated well, will not go away easily. There are also scars that will not respond to the common over-the-counter creams and this can lead to frustrations on the person. Many think that, in order to get rid of these scars for good, a person needs to go under a major surgery. However, this is no longer true today because there are a lot of procedures of acne scar removal in Singapore that no longer needs to be major surgery. These are some of these procedures.


This procedure is the surgical smoothening of the surface of the skin so that the skin and the scar will be level with each other. This will make the scar less visible. This is only a minor surgery but it can already do a drastic change to the skin. In addition, it can also have long-term effects on the skin.

Needle Method

This method of acne scar removal in Singapore utilizes the machine called AGNES. In this procedure, the needle part of the machine will be inserted into the skin. This is done so that it will kill the sebaceous gland that kept on being clogged and has repeatedly undergone acne. By removing the gland, the main cause of the problem is removed as well. This is so because acne is caused by blockage of the gland by hardened oil which can cause bacteria to grow in that area.

Laser therapy

A high beam of light can also be applied to the scarred area to minimize the appearance of scars. This method is the least painful and it can achieve good results especially when it is combined with other treatments. Furthermore, this method also produces results in a short span of time.

Do You Need Your Passport For The Bus From Johor To Singapore?

As a traveler, you might have already encountered the idea of going across nearby countries in one vacation. There are times when the travel can be made into a great deal by means of visiting two countries at once. A good example would be Malaysia and Singapore. These neighboring countries can easily be traversed, not only by plane, but also by bus. The best part about this is the fact that it will cost a lot less, which works best for most budget travelers.

Opting for a land trip

You might be wondering if taking a bus from johor to singapore might be better than other alternatives. The answer to this is yes. You will need your passport to get through of course, since you will be crossing into another territory, but it is more convenient. You will also be able to take in the different sights along the way and also take the time to explore some places nearby and on the way. All you need will be a valid ID, your passport, and some Ringgits for payment. After that, you can be easily cleared when taking a bus from johor to Singapore.

Since the two counties are practically connected, it is easier to travel through them without any hassles involved. Tourists usually take advantage of this geographical asset in order to plan their vacation. Even locals who are living in these two countries can be seen taking frequent rides from one place to another. It’s a good change of pace from the usual scenery that they are faced with. And taking some time to explore neighboring countries also gives way to more insight with the lifestyle of the people living in that area. You can take your time to do this as long as you have your identification and passport with you.