Air Tickets

How Many Airline Flights Take Off Every Day?

Air travelling is one of the most common forms of transportation. It has been widely utilized because it can lessen the time of travel and allows people to cross borders and reaches lands that are across the globe from their origin. And there is a whooping estimate of a hundred thousand flights a day from across the globe. This record shows that a lot of people prefer travelling in air and is actually paying for such services on airline flights.

Why is there a lot of air travelling?

  • Airline companies usually offer two modes of flight: domestic and international. By doing this, they are not limiting their services and offers to just select few locations. Therefore, catering to more passengers and their needs.
  • Airline companies usually offer a minimum of four classes of flights: economy class, premium class, business class, and first class. By having different offers, they are utilizing the strategy of differentiation and focus of services. Not all would like a single class as there are different opinions in which type of flight they will take. Also, this is helpful in increasing passengers as there are choices for them in flight classes.
  • Technically, it is the fastest way of travelling when you have to attend that business meeting you have next week. Usually, business travels are done by air travelling. This is because time is always an asset to a company. Deals, products, and services may be at stake if you do not reach your destination fast and on time.

How do they avail the fuel for that many flights?

The whooping number of flights everyday cannot happen without enough fuel consumption. One point of air travelling advantage is that it actually consumes less oil than cars when you compare them within the same parameters. The airline flights usually include the cost of fuel so it is not that of a problem.