Don’t Print T-Shirts Without Checking A Heat Press Temperature Guide

T-shirt printing is not a walk in the park. It can’t be learned in easily and more importantly, it requires sufficient amount of practice and familiarization. Inadequate practice may lead to an improper imprint of designs or in the worst case, fire. Let’s define first how t-shirt printing works. The first step in t-shirt printing is to create the desired designed to be imprinted onto the shirt. Afterward, a heat press machine is required to imprint the design. What the heat press machine does is that it heats the shirt along with the ink to easily stick the design onto the t-shirt. A sufficient amount of drying time is then required before the complete process of t-shirt printing ends.

Problem in Printing

The most common problem experienced by amateur printers is burnt designed or improper operation of heat press machine. Amateur printers lack sufficient knowledge on how much temperature is needed to properly heat up the substrate. Overheating, obviously, leads to burning. On the other hand, the fault in improper printing does not always come from the user. In some cases, the press machine is what’s causing the problem. To be specific, heat press machines does not support or provide precise temperature gradients. The user is limited to a certain interval of temperature values typically by 5‏֯s.


One can prevent such problems mentioned above by first checking a heat press temperature guide. Or in some cases, one may purchase a more sophisticated and advanced heat press machine. Most heat press machine these provide a more precise temperature adjustments. One example of a good heat press machine is the PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital 15-by-15-Inch Sublimation Heat Press. It offers a heat press temperature guide perfect for beginners. In addition, it also features precise heating time ranging 0 to 999 seconds depending on the user’s preference. It can also be bought at an affordable price of $209.99.