What Does It Cost To Buy YouTube Subscribers

Video Hosting

Before, marketing is done only through paper and spread of word. You may hear about a new product or service from your neighbor or relative. You may also read about them from newspapers you read will eating breakfast, through billboards that you pass along while going to work or flyers and leaflets were given to you by sales agents. Then came the television which was also used for promoting products. Commercials became popular and became part of our viewing routines are they are shown during commercial breaks. Now, as the popularity of social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and also video hosting sites like YouTube, marketing and advertisement have again evolved. Marketing teams have utilized these popular media to influence the users to purchase their products.


With companies and service providers using the influence of the internet to sell their product and service, it has been a popularity contest. The most viewed posts and videos usually become the priority which is shown immediately when you visit these sites. That is why when you buy youtube subscribers your video or your channel will surely pop-up in other people’s viewing. This can be used by companies to influence the visibility of their online video advertisements. And as the more people view their online advertisements, the more people are unconsciously introduced to their products.

This could mean well to companies that are selling social media and video boosts. You will buy youtube subscribers from them and they will increase the views of your video which will then result in it being viral. By doing this, advertisers will get back the money they paid for the increased view counter as their advertisement will be converted to increased sales of their product. Usually, these boosts will cost around $2 per 1000 views. You could also choose to buy more at discounted rate.