Does Double Eyelid Surgery Damage Your Eyes?

Getting a double eyelid surgery is becoming popular most especially among Asians where 50% of the population has a monolid. A monolid presents a lid with no crease. With no crease, make up becomes invisible even if you have put them on already.

However, there are some things an individual needs to consider before getting the surgery. These things will help you determine whether a double eyelid is beneficial to you or not. So we will go through all the considerations in every step of the way.

Before the surgery, there are some preparations you need to do. One of these is to test the different fold height options that you can have. There are some do it yourself methods you can execute at home.

When you are performing this part of the preparation, there are things you also need to consider concerning the physical aspects of your eyes. The first thing you need to take note of is the height of your eyelid. To be able to decide what fold height you want to have take notice of your eyelid and determine what is acceptable for that.

Second thing you need to consider is the eye length. The fold you choose should be proportionate to your eye length. Furthermore, the most ideal distance your two eyes can have is one eye-width.

Many people also wonder how safe a double eyelid surgery is. As long as the surgeon is a real licensed surgeon, there is nothing to be afraid of. Moreover, the patient should also religiously and regularly see the doctor.

The patient should see to it that she attends follow up check-ups with the doctor. Otherwise, complications might arise. This would lead to further damage and higher cost.

Double eyelid is also costly. So make sure you follow the plan that you and your surgeon agreed to so you do not have to face a backlog issue.