Do You Need Major Surgery To Get Rid Of Acne Scars?

Battling the scars that come with acne is not an easy task. These scars, if not treated well, will not go away easily. There are also scars that will not respond to the common over-the-counter creams and this can lead to frustrations on the person. Many think that, in order to get rid of these scars for good, a person needs to go under a major surgery. However, this is no longer true today because there are a lot of procedures of acne scar removal in Singapore that no longer needs to be major surgery. These are some of these procedures.


This procedure is the surgical smoothening of the surface of the skin so that the skin and the scar will be level with each other. This will make the scar less visible. This is only a minor surgery but it can already do a drastic change to the skin. In addition, it can also have long-term effects on the skin.

Needle Method

This method of acne scar removal in Singapore utilizes the machine called AGNES. In this procedure, the needle part of the machine will be inserted into the skin. This is done so that it will kill the sebaceous gland that kept on being clogged and has repeatedly undergone acne. By removing the gland, the main cause of the problem is removed as well. This is so because acne is caused by blockage of the gland by hardened oil which can cause bacteria to grow in that area.

Laser therapy

A high beam of light can also be applied to the scarred area to minimize the appearance of scars. This method is the least painful and it can achieve good results especially when it is combined with other treatments. Furthermore, this method also produces results in a short span of time.